Regular cleaning course First time ¥ 6,000 + tax
The first time includes cleaning, tray shaping, and manufacturing costs.
1 to 3 months after the next month ¥4,000+tax
Cleaning course ¥8,000+tax
Stain-off course ¥4,000+tax
Note: If priority is given to periodontal disease treatment, insurance treatment will be given first.
It is only for the purpose of prevention, so if there is a need for treatment, it may be changed to treatment. In addition, please note that patients who have not completed basic treatment for tooth decay and periodontal disease are not eligible.

Covered items (Cr & Br)

※ + tax per book

Metal bond ¥100,000
The surface is porcelain and the inside is metal
Zirconia ¥120,000~
It is full zirconia
Esthenia vest ¥75,000
The surface is reinforced resin and the frame is metal
Porcelain crown ¥60,000~
Create by cutting out porcelain. +5000 yen can be installed the next day. Please consult us.
Hybrid crown
A white appearance close to natural teeth. +5000 yen can be installed the next day. Please consult us.
Gold ¥60,000
A crown of precious metal (gold)
Hard resin front ¥50,000
The crown of insurance adaptation
Temporary tooth (1 tooth) ¥1,400
Temporary temporary teeth


Zirconia ¥40,000+tax
Zirconia stuffing
Estonia ¥30,000+tax
Stuffed with reinforced resin
Gold ¥35,000+tax
Precious metal (golden) filling


Fiber ¥15,000+tax
Stuffed with reinforced resin


Metal (FD) ¥320,000~
Thin dentures that are easy to feel temperature
Metal(PD) ¥300,000~
Partial dentures that are thin and easy to feel temperature
Non-class Budenture ¥150,000~
Partial dentures that do not use metal springs
Reinforcement line ¥3,000+tax


1 OPE ¥220,000~
It is a procedure to embed the implant body in the bone
2 OPE ¥70,000~
It ’s a preparation to cover your teeth.
※ GBR (osteogenesis) ¥50,000~¥150,000
MB ¥130,000~

Surgical treatment (general)

Socket preservation ¥50,000~
It is a treatment that suppresses bone resorption.
* Memprene used ¥15,000~
Tooth replantation ¥30,000~

FOP (perioperative surgery)

APE ¥80,000~
A treatment to lower the gums
Regenerative therapy ¥150,000~
A special treatment to regenerate bone


Depending on the case Around 350,000
Adjustment fee ¥ 3,000 + tax (per month)


Office whitening ¥ 1,000 + tax (1 tooth)
At the dental clinic
Home whitening ¥30,000+tax
At home
* Gel added ¥ 5,000 + tax (1 copy)